Workers' Compensation Process

Properly File A Workers' Compensation Injury Claim

Experienced Assistance With The Workers' Compensation Process

The process of obtaining workers' compensation used to be relatively simple. Many insurance companies have turned the workers' compensation process into a complicated and litigious system. It is much easier for most people to have an attorney file their claim for them.

Attorney Marjorie Drake, located in Hartford, Connecticut, represents people who have suffered a serious work injury. For many years, she has assisted injured workers and their families in obtaining the workers' comp benefits they deserve. Contact her office for a free initial consultation about the injury claims process.

Injury Claims Process

In order to protect your rights, it is important to understand the process. We focus on educating people about how to file a workers' compensation claims process. Below is a brief description of the claims process.

  • When you suffer an injury, you must notify your employer and provide them medical information about your injury.
  • You must file a written notice of your workers' compensation claim, sending it by certified mail to the Workers' Compensation Commission and your employer.
  • In order to qualify for benefits you must show that you are an employee, and that your injury or illness arose out of and in the course of your employment.
  • If your claim is successful, your employer will provide you with workers' compensation benefit compensation. Some of these benefits include payment of medical expenses, temporary disability payments for wage loss, and payments for permanent disability. These benefits can provide injured workers with significant compensation. It is important to file an injury claim properly.

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