Attorney Helping You Obtain Compensation For Work-Related Injuries

Injured workers are entitled to receive certain workers' compensation benefits from their employer or their employer's insurance company. Per Connecticut's workers' comp laws, you qualify for workers' comp if you suffered a work-related injury. Under a Connecticut statute, you cannot sue your employer for any other damages related to your injury.

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The Qualifications For Workers' Compensation Benefits

As a worker injured on the job, you may qualify to receive these types of workers' compensation benefits.

Necessary Medical Treatment: People injured at work are entitled to receive appropriate and competent medical treatment for their injuries. Your physical well-being is of primary concern in any workers' comp claim.

Monetary Benefits: After you suffer a workplace injury, you may qualify for statutorily defined wage replacement benefits.

  • You may receive temporary total disability if you are unable to perform any work.
  • If you can perform some work, but not your original full-time work, you may receive temporary partial disability benefits.
  • When you suffer a permanent disability, you may receive permanent partial disability benefits to compensate you for your disability.
  • You may also receive disfigurement and scarring benefits as well as some additional discretionary benefits.

Vocational Rehabilitation: Some injured workers may obtain vocational rehabilitation benefits that assist people with job retraining and job placement.

Lawyer Helping Injured Workers

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