Guiding You Through The Social Security Disability Process

The application process and the rules for qualifying for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI/SSD) are complicated. The filing requirements often pose the greatest barriers to people who actually need the benefits. The Social Security Administration routinely denies many applications. After you are denied SSD, contact attorney Marjorie Drake, in Hartford, Connecticut, for a free initial consultation.

There are three stages of a Social Security application process:

  • The review of your initial application by the State Disability Determination Agency
  • A second review if you are denied and file a request for reconsideration
  • A hearing before an administrative law judge

How The Application Process Works

The Social Security claims process begins by completing an application provided by the Social Security Administration. The Administration will send your case to a State Disability Determination Agency for an initial determination. An adjudicator will assess the validity of your case. You may be required to undergo an examination performed by an independent medical examiner. If your claim is denied you may make a request for review. If your request is denied, you may request a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ).

Understand that the initial application process alone can take up to three to five months. It is important to apply for benefits soon after you have become unable to work. As a practicing lawyer in this area, most cases Marjorie Drake takes on have already been denied in an initial determination, but if you have questions before you have reached that point, please call her office.

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Helping You Navigate Through A Complicated System

For more information visit the Social Security practice center or contact her office to set up a free initial consultation with attorney Marjorie Drake. She represents people throughout Hartford County and the Farmington Valley, as well as people in New Haven and Waterbury. Call our office at 860-513-2309.