Work Related Injuries: Workers' Compensation Can Replace Lost Wages

The Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission states that their goal is to help with medical treatment as well as to provide wage replacement benefits or other assistance to people who can no longer perform their job after sustaining an injury (or becoming ill) at work.

It can be debilitating when a person suffers an injury that prevents them from working, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Concerns arise about providing for a family, keeping up with mortgage payments and paying for medical costs. However, the CWCC administers a system that helps individuals and their families cope with a lost salary and the inability to work.

Workers' Compensation Act

The Workers' Compensation Act allows injured employees to file a claim for benefits through their employer's insurance carrier.

If a person is diagnosed with a qualifying injury or illness, he or she might receive compensation for necessary medical treatment, as well as partial, total or permanent disability benefits (dependant on the extent of the injury). Additionally, the CWCC may provide disfigurement or scarring benefits when necessary to fully compensate an employee.

Filing a Claim

Under the WCA, an employee relinquishes the right to sue their employer for damages once workers' compensation benefits are available. A lot depends upon filing a claim properly, so anyone who has been injured at work should speak with an experienced workers' compensation attorney to discuss their eligibility and whether they might be entitled to benefits.

After selecting a qualified lawyer, a person must notify his or her employer about the injury and provide them with any available medical information. Next, a written notice of the workers' compensation claim must be sent to the employer. Finally, the claimant must prove to the insurance agency that he or she suffered an injury that arose out of and in the course of his or her employment.

While the system used to be simpler, filing a successful workers' compensation claim has turned into a daunting task. Speak with a practiced attorney with experience filing workers' compensation claims immediately to ensure you receive the benefits you are entitled to.